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Ljubljana is the ideal place for stag dos full of adventure & action, active hen parties, lads-out weekends and even football-teams trips because of nearby Alpine skiing, rafting & canyoning venues and delightful nightlife spots.

  • Best Place of Adrenaline Packed Stag Weekends
  • Compact Downtown with many Nightlife Venues
  • Most Stag Weekenders to Slovenia Go with Our Company
  • Customer-friendly Service, Licensed Activities Instructors
  • Run by Locals since 2008

Ljubljana Practical Tips

Ljubljana Practical Tips

Ljubljana is only 2 hours flight from London away & it's airport offers direct connection to several UK cities and European capitals.

Tasting local drinks is highly recommended. The major beer brand include Laško and Union, both producing fair quality lagers.

Although should you prefer craft-breweries products, then Loo-blah-nah (this is not a typo, but real brewery brand), Pelicon Brewery and Reservoir Dogs Brewery beers are recommended.

The local currency is Euro. The official language of the country is Slovene.

Some useful words you might need include:
- "Zdravo" = hello
- "Nasvidenje" = goodbye
- "Prosim" = please
- "Hvala" = thank you
- "Eno pivo prosim" = One beer please
- "Ne govorim slovensko" = I don't speak Slovene


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